Knowledge Base

  1. Appointments 

    1. How Can I Confirm an Appointment?
    2. What does Propose Better Time mean?
    3. Can I post an open house?
    4. Why do I see so many "showings"?
    5. Who is the buyer's agent?
  2. Buying 

    1. As a Buyer, What Do I Need to Do?
    2. Can I see my Tours?
    3. Can I Contact my Buyer's Agent?
    4. Can I Add Points of Interest?
    5. How Do I Access a ShowingTime LIVE Video Tour?
  3. Calendar 

    1. How Do I Link (or Synchronize) Appointments To My Calendar?
    2. Will I Need to Sync My Calendar Again for New Appointments?
    3. Can I See All Appointments In a Calendar Format or Calendar View?
  4. FAQ's 

    1. Who is ShowingTime?
    2. How can I find out more information about your company?
    3. How come my listing is not showing up when I log in?
    4. Does ShowingTime have a support team?
    5. As a seller, what do I need to do?
  5. Feedback 

    1. Is Feedback Required?
    2. Where Is My Feedback?
    3. Some of these feedback questions are not helpful. What can I do?
    4. How can I get more feedback from showings?
    5. What is the Feedback Rating Scale?
  6. Getting Started 

    1. Resources
    2. QuickStart Guide
    3. Getting Started with Home by ShowingTime as an Owner
    4. Welcome to Home by ShowingTime
    5. Introduction to the Home by ShowingTime Application
  7. Listings 

    1. Can I block off/restrict times when I know I will be unavailable for showings?
    2. Can I upload a photo of my house?
    3. Can I change the listing address, price or details of my listing?
    4. Can I add my own listing or use the app to host FSBO listings?
    5. What If I change agents?
  8. Notifications 

    1. Will I be notified when a showing is scheduled?
    2. What types of notifications can I receive?
    3. How Do I Set Up My Listing Notifications?
    4. The "Manage this Listing" link isn't opening in the Home by ShowingTime Mobile App. What do I do?
    5. How Do I Clear Notifications from the Notification Center?
  9. Profile 

    1. My Contact Information isn't Correct. How Do I Change It?
    2. Can I change my username and/or password?
    3. What if I forget my password?
    4. Who sees my information?
    5. Can my agent update my contact information?
  10. All articles 

    1. Who is ShowingTime?
    2. Will I be notified when a showing is scheduled?
    3. Is Feedback Required?
    4. Resources
    5. How Do I Link (or Synchronize) Appointments To My Calendar?

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